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18 December 2015 @ 10:39 pm
Hello from the other side
it's my first post, my intro post, how embarrassing!

well it's reaaaally rare for me to do this, writing stuff... what a boring person yea BUT i'll try to write something.
i'm kyarisutta! rn still a highschool student, graduating soon :" im indonesian, but my parents are both chinese?! but indonesian...still. i live in indonesia, was born in indonesia, i love indonesia.

what could my hobby be? i don't know. i used to love drawing. in jhs, i liked reading manga so i kind of liked drawing manga characters too. but now that may be watching drama, music and variety shows where my fave idols appear in lol what an otaku

i love johnnys! obviously. i started this lj account bcs of johnnys. my fave groups are news, hsj, arashi. for news i have massu as my ichiban, in hsj it's chinen (i'd say he's my first love[in idol category of course!]) and for arashi it's nino.

writing the history of my encounter with these wonderful groups would be long, surely. but since i would want to know about others' stories as well... my story might not be interesting but when i have the time i'd probably post it here? okai that's it....

yoz yoroshikuu everyonee

chuchuu <3
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16 July 2016 @ 12:06 am

Sooo it was finally the day of biology and bahasa examination! 18th Feb. The day i was very afraid of.. hahah since i had very little preparation done for that day. The first one was biology. So i studied in the morning with my friends like crazy. Memorizing all 12 experiments. All the equipments, tools, steps, theories, the experiments' objectives, observation result. Some experiments were similar so i was really confused..

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13 July 2016 @ 11:45 pm

February 17, i only had 1 examination that day, PE. well my school(ex-school?!) doesnt have indoor sports hall, so we'd be doing it in the outdoor field. So i woke up like usual that day, except that i was actually super excited bcs it was raining heavily outside. I thought the examination would be canceled so i was happy. Only for a moment tho bcs when i saw my class' group chat, it seemed like i was the only one who thought like that :(

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Hello agaiiiin 🙋 it's the continuation of my latest post, busy part 2 heree

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28 June 2016 @ 12:23 am


it's almost july!! how time flies! tho it sure felt like forever during exam period T_T so happy im finally free now from all those tortures xD
i miss lj and my fangirling routine :") so glad to be able to come back here sooner than i thought yayy

soooo in less than 2 months ill be a college student huh... it's not really a big deal, but in this oppurtunity i'm going to write about what ive been doing these past 5(or 6?) months. well ive stated it clearly above, EXAM. (read: hell)
starting from hm.. early february i guess? till april. actually maybe from january, with all the tryouts... yeah i  just checked my agenda lol and it's written there, my first tryouts were held on january 18. Oh God they were a total mess. Everything was do re mi. Definitely worst marks ive ever gotten in high school haha well it was totally different from what our teachers told us, the questions they predicted beforehand were not really helping, so it's only natural if i couldnt do it properly, right...? I used to think not to depend on what the teacher told us beforehand bcs the tryout wasnt even held by the school but the government. But in the end i still get bad scores lol

And then comes february.... on the 15th, the practical test began with english writing test and chemistry. I lost my dictionary lol so i didnt bring any that day. Thankfully my friend brought two 😂 for english there are 4 types of text that i can choose to write. Narrative, descriptive, recount, exposition, or discussion. Most people chose recount but i chose narrative lol since im a person with little experience. I wrote a horror story, lol actually it was a story i got from himitsu no arashichan (if im not mistaken). Well im sure the teacher wouldnt know that. I wrote a really long one lol but i think it's interesting enough for the teachers to read so why not? And for the chemistry.... my God, this one was real yabai. I studied all 11 topics, eventho we'd only do 2 for the real test. The first one was titration and the second was determined by drawing a lot. So we studied all those topics just for this one bcs we dont know what we'd get. The same goes for physics and biology. Hafh im tired just by recalling those memories 😂 lol i think ill continue on next post. Jya ne for now!
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